The patio you choose sets the trend for the rest of the garden, i.e. levels, shapes and the overall design concept. Once you have this in place, the rest of the garden will evolve easily. This is why the patio is always the first structure to be put in place in the garden.

We can provide any type of paving you require; from budget paving to Natural York Stone. You don’t have to use the most expensive paving to create a lovely patio area. By creatively contrasting colours together using paving slabs and blocks, you can create a wonderful looking patio. The secret to a good design is not to mix too many different colours and materials as they can create a busy and distracting effect.

Colour, Texture and Sound just some of the things we think about when you choose your new patio or driveway. The range of materials available now is extensive. We are seeing beautiful and innovative designs coming from our paving manufacturers. Our paving specialists will guide you along the way from design to construction. We have several show gardens at our design centre that customers are welcome to come and view to see the products.


Ethically sourced materials, an area Sid Bibby’s is expanding to customers who wish to be made aware of the issues of supply of stone from overseas when they are choosing paving. Through the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) we have learnt how to respond to our customers guaranteeing their choice is right for them.