Sid Bibby Turf & Landscaping

Control Measures – COVID-19

What we are doing to help us and you.

Adhering to CLC – Site Operation Procedures – Version 3

  • Employees to arrive at our yard in own transport (public transport avoided at all costs)
  • Staggered start times at our office.
  • Contactless thermometer used by managers to check employee’s temperature each morning.
  • Employees to use their own pens for signing in on site.
  • Social distancing guidelines to be always followed.
  • Each member of staff will be equipped with a face shield/ masks to be worn if necessary (i.e. Site induction with site manager).
  • No more than 2x people to sign in at one time.
  • Staff Toilets to be wiped after use. *Please note our toilets are not open to the public at present*
  • Weekly health and wellbeing checked with employees.
  • Regularly clean touch points, e.g. Door handles, surfaces, clocking in fob.
  • Drinks not to be accepted from customers.
  • Breaks to be had in vehicles alone.
  • Vehicles to be cleaned daily. Hand wipes and sanitizer to be used regularly.
  • Work gloves to be worn always whilst working.